Who are we?
Mdina Media B.V. is a Scala platform partner supplying embedded hardware, software and related services in the field of digital signage. We offer tailor-made embedded computers, designed for the industrial market.

Creative and attractive
Mdina’s tagline – The Art of the Solution – reflects how the firm has turned digital signage into an art, providing creative, customized, and aesthetic ways of achieving our clients’ goals – from the first concept to the final solution. In our view, nothing is impossible; we like to be challenged and will supply tailor-made digital signage according to your wishes. We can turn a jumble of ideas into an integrated whole: we will stay with you until the last piece of the puzzle is in place. Our solutions stand out for their great visual attractiveness and marketing power. In addition, they are the world’s smallest digital signage systems as well.

Our embedded systems
Our embedded systems are operated by Intel and AMD platforms, with onboard graphics cards from Intel, ATI and Nvidia, as well as advanced TV or wireless cards. The lifespans of our systems are three to five years.